Arpa Card Story

Arpa Card started its activities in 2017 with the aim of producing domestic and foreign tourism products, relying on the development of e-tourism infrastructure as a private sector.
By studying the problems of different areas of the tourism industry, we started to produce products to solve the problems of not providing international payment services to tourists arriving in Iran.
The result of the efforts and interactions with banks and PSP was a product called ARPA Card, which due to the lack of support for the international banking system in Iran, the problem of paying tourists in Iran by recharging debit cards with international cards such as Visa and Master, as well as use and support in the Iranian banking system have been resolved.
The company aims to improve and develop its services in the field of tourism, by creating a completely safe environment to improve the e-tourism experience and increase the desire to travel to Iran by providing a variety of payment and tourism services with you